Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another "Vantastic" day!

Thursday Sept 13, 2012  Cloverdale to Petaluma California

Today was another day in the van for me.  Things "down below" are better after 2 days off and I should be good to go tomorrow.  I'm going to ride with 2 pairs of shorts and a new butt cream courtesy of Margo Addison (a super-nice lady who was one of Mark's co-riders on the North 2010 trip and who was with us for the first leg of this trip).  The new cream is appropriately called DZNUTS and the tag lines are "only the finest ingredients for your goods" and "protect your junk".

We drove out of Cloverdale and were quite quickly in wine country.  I wished I knew more about wines and grapes to better appreciate what I was seeing.  I kept thinking of the movie Sideways, Bottle Shock, and the Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan) as we were driving amongst the vineyards.  There must be hundreds of wineries in this area.  I'm sure each one is growing different kinds of grapes but I couldn't tell you the differences except that some had nicer houses than others.  When advertisers tell you about retirees who want to move to this area, drive a vintage Jaguar ragtop and own a vineyard, they must film those commercials around here.

The SAG was just short of the halfway point and Margo Addison sent brownies and strawberries that were quickly gobbled up by the riders.  Tracey had a flat rear tire at the SAG and I watched as our tour leader Mike Munk quickly and elegantly changed his tire in about 2 minutes.  He makes it look so easy given that a normal rider takes 10+ minutes to do this.  I don't want to curse myself so I won't mention that I haven't had a ____tire yet.

Since I wasn't out of the van today, I'm posting the pictures here that Mark took.

Notice the Raymond Burr "Ironside" winery?

I'm very excited for tomorrow's ride to San Francisco.  We aren't leaving here until a little later in the morning so that by the time we get to the Golden Gate Bridge it might not be in fog.  Mark and I haven't been to San Francisco since 1986 when we were here with Vance and Susan Cooper and we were so young and poor that the four of us shared a room!!!

Massages and visits with friends and family are in our plans for Friday evening and our day off on Saturday in San Francisco.  I'm sure we'll find some time to eat a little Chinese food too as Mark and I are starting to get the shakes from Dim Sum withdrawal.

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