Friday, September 7, 2012

California here we are

Friday Sept 7, 2012  Gold Beach Oregon to Crescent City California

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo have nothing on us.  The Weisbarth's made it to California today.
Don't ask me why I'm holding my bike, I really don't
have a good reason.
I don't mind saying that today was a very long, cold and wet day.  We started out immediately with a 4 mile climb up to about 750 feet where I could see my breath and my glasses were covered with water.  Did I mention it was cold and wet today?  The views were mostly cloudy but you could still see the amazing coast.  We stopped about 4 times in the first 15 miles just to see the rock formations and views.  According to Mike Munk our tour leader, the Pacific shoreline was formed by a volcano, which is probably why it reminds Mark and I of Hawaii.  The weather however is nothing like Hawaii.

I was really dragging this morning and Mark had to give me a little push...I blurted out a few 4 letter words and even a 5 letter word back at him.  After a few more miles (and epithets) I got my ass in gear and soldiered on.  We practiced doing intervals on some of the uphills and that seemed to help my mood so that by the time we were half way through the day I felt better.  My mood definitely improved when we arrived in California.  We even rode for a while with Jeff and Joe (the "big boys") and they let me beat them up one hill!!! 

After a stop at Subway where 2 can dine for $9.99, we checked into the Quality Inn in Crescent City.  I'm not sure this hotel should be allowed to use the word "quality" in their name but I'm not a branding expert.  I also think Crescent City should be renamed Crescent Shitty is.   I heard a number of people saying how they needed a rest day and we were all anxious to get here.  I know I was sure ready to get off the bike today.  We said goodbye to Margo Addison (one of Mark's alumni friends from his cross country trip in 2010) and we welcomed 2 couples from Colorado.  They sure looked bright eyed and bushy tailed...

Since I'm taking the day off tomorrow from riding, I'm going to take the day off from blogging.  Hope everyone has a nice Saturday and I will be back in touch on Sunday from Eureka, California.

From L-R: Chris, John, Howard, Me, Shirley, Mark, Joe, Jeff, Barb, Don and John

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