Thursday, August 30, 2012


You've been gone 18 1/2 years and I miss you and think of you everyday.  I think you would be so proud of all of us.

Tomorrow, Mark and I are leaving for Astoria, Oregon where we will meet up with a group of about 25 bike riders from all over the US.  Together we will ride our bikes down the coast of Oregon and California, finishing up just south of L.A.  It will take us 23 days and we will ride  over 2200 kms.  You would absolutely love this ride, the adventure, the physical challenge and the scenery.  I know you will be sitting on my shoulder every inch of the way.

Remember the time you rode over 65 km to Balfour Beach with Mark on your 60th birthday?  I remember that, and so does the rest of the family.  How crazy we all thought you were.  I get it now...the sense of freedom and accomplishment of traveling under your own horsepower.  I remember all the Saturday's you spent riding down to the Beaches and sharing a flask with some buddy you met on the way.  I remember the day Adam was born and you and Mark were out riding in the morning when my labor pains started.  I have a great picture of you and Mark on your bikes outside the chalet in Collingwood after you had done a major ride with him up there...I get it now.

You used to say "Ski one for me"...well I'm riding this one for you.  You are my inspiration to challenge myself to do something difficult and out of the ordinary.  You lived your life with passion and didn't do what was easy.  If you were here, there is no question in my mind that despite Mom's protests, you would be going with us so I'm taking you with me on this journey and know that you will watch over Mark and I, and keep us safe.

I dedicate this adventure to you, Dad.


  1. I know that your dad will be with you every milemof the journey. Be safe and have fun. This is an experience to remember for a lifetime.

  2. that is so lovely Susan. Very well written!! Rooting for you for tomorrow!!!

  3. What beautiful sentiments, Susan. Wishing you and Mark and safe and joyous journey down the coast. If you pass through Carmel be careful that Clint hasn't left any empty chairs in the road!!!