Friday, August 3, 2012

Four Weeks to Go

Hi everyone,
Mark and I are leaving 4 weeks from today and this is my first post.  I must admit that I'm a little nervous that I might not be able to do this ride.  Mark and his cycling friends say I'm ready...I hope they are right.  We've been riding as much as we can the last few months without killing ourselves.  Since I got my new bike, I've spent 100 hours "in the saddle" and have ridden over 2,000 km.
We will be flying to Portland on August 31 and we start riding on Sept 2.  We will be riding about 2250km in total over 23 days (21 days of riding).  The ride will take us along the coasts of Oregon and California finishing just south of Los Angeles.  I will try to write my thoughts every day while we are away.
Thanks everyone for your support and I hope I make it.

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